The air that cycles through your home’s ducts multiple times per day is the same air you breathe, so you want it to be as clean as possible. Even if you clean your home regularly, dust and dander can collect in your vents. Unfortunately, dirty vents can taint the air and cause respiratory issues for sensitive people.

As a solution, professional cleaners can help clean your dirty air ducts for a healthier indoor environment. Here are four reasons why you should clean your air ducts:

1. High-Quality Air

Residents of North Texas are used to bracing themselves for allergy season every spring. They’re exposed to many different allergens and contaminants since the weather is too warm to kill mold spores. Additionally, as temperatures continue to rise, pollen concentration in the air is growing higher every year.

This substance can hitch a ride on your clothes, shoes, and even on your pets — it’s astonishing how much pollen your pets can track in on their fur. While it’s nearly invisible, it can blanket your home and cause vulnerable family members to develop a runny nose, watery eyes, and non-stop congestion.

Anyone who suffers from allergies will struggle to find relief in a home with dirty air ducts. Various allergens can build up in a contained home environment. While cleaning regularly can help remove spores on the surface, more can still cycle out from deep within your air ducts. As a result, you experience poor-quality air.

The pollen and dust that travels through your ductwork can be cleaned with the help of Cyclone Professional Cleaners. Our team uses industrial equipment to clean your vents without toxic chemicals and cleaners. A high-powered vacuum with a large hose creates negative air pressure inside the ductwork. A brush sweeps the pollen off of the duct surface so the vacuum can suck it away.

Cleaning your ducts at least once per year will prevent pollen deposits from building up in your air ducts, so your family can enjoy breathing cleaner air.

2. Clean Home

When air flows through your vents, it can pick up dirt and dander and distribute it throughout your entire home. This debris contaminates the air with microscopic particles that can irritate your respiratory system. When they finally land, these particles will create a layer of dust across the surfaces in your home. As dust builds up, it becomes rather unsightly.

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned will reduce the debris that flows through your AC so you can give your feather duster a break. As a result, your home will look and feel more polished in between cleanings.

air duct cleaning

3. Fresh Scent

Have you ever cleaned your home top to bottom but still smelled a stale odor when you were done? Things like mold, mildew and even cooking odors can collect in your air vents and create a musty smell that’s untouchable with regular cleaning.

A deep clean by professionals can remove built-up dust and grime that can produce an unpleasant scent, so your home will look clean and have a fresh scent to match.

4. Efficient Air Conditioning

To keep your home cool and comfortable, your AC system pushes chilled air through the ducting into your home. If you have dirty vents filled with years of dust, your AC will have to work harder to transport the air.

Tiny dust particles are insignificant in small quantities, but a buildup can prevent your AC from working at full efficiency. Over time, it’ll consume more energy as it works to push past a collection of dander. This extra effort can make your energy bill go up little by little every year.

Luckily, you can keep your energy costs down by cleaning your dirty air ducts. Cyclone Professional Cleaners can remove built-up debris so your AC can function at peak efficiency.

Air Duct Cleaning by Cyclone Professional Cleaners

Now that you understand the pros of cleaning AC ducts, you likely want to schedule a cleaning appointment! For professional air duct cleaning services, you can trust the experts at Cyclone Professional Cleaners to get the job done. We’re a family-owned business that offers air duct cleaning services to the Plano, Dallas, and Mckinney areas. We use special equipment and non-toxic cleansers to clean your ducts, so your space looks and feels cleaner and your family can enjoy a healthy indoor environment.

Our team will clean your air ducts so you can enjoy fresh air in your space. We also offer carpet cleaning, power washing and various other services for your home or business. Get a free quote today!