Most Popular Benefit of Air Duct Cleaning

Customers in North Texas are exposed to all kinds of allergens. As people who have moved here from other states may have noticed, Dallas doesn’t get too many freezing temperatures to kill mold spores. And as our population rises, so do homes being built with new trees, grasses and weeds. Our pollen numbers continue to chart up, up and up.

We, and our furry friends, carry that pollen inside on a daily basis. In fact, Richard L. Wasserman, M.D., Ph.D., gave a quote on seasonal allergens and how much pollen gets on your dog. He said, “if pollen glittered after your pet had been outside, they would look like they were wearing an evening gown.” That is a good visual for how our homes must “glitter” on the inside with pollen. All that glitters is not gold in this case, though. Its misery for the one person in the family might be experiencing a runny nose, watery eyes, and non-stop congestion.

Pollen is in the house, on the furniture, walls, carpet, in the air. It builds up in the contained home environment. You vacuum the carpet and sweep the floor and remove some. But how do you address the stuff in the air? The pet dander and dust pollutants have been pulled into the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system (HVAC).

air duct cleaning filter

The pollen and dust that travels and falls into the ductwork can be cleaned. An air duct cleaning has some of the principles of sweeping and vacuuming. A high-powered vacuum with a large hose creates negative air pressure inside the ductwork. A brush sweeps the pollen off of the duct surface, and once it is loose the vacuum can suck it away.

The cleaner all surfaces the better. When the pollen deposits in the house can be cleared, then maybe the sinus can clear, too. And, some soap and water will remove the “evening gown” of pollen from the dog.

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