Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Dallas & Plano, Texas

Wood floor after being buffed in a home

When you hire Cyclone Professional Cleaners to clean your wood floors you can look forward to:

  • Accurate and affordable pricing with no hidden fees - Get Your Free Quote
  • We have employees (not subcontractors) who arrive on time and in uniform
  • Over 20 years of wood floor cleaning experience in Plano, Texas
  • A family-owned company that cares about their customers
  • A 30-day workmanship guarantee
  • 350+ 5 star online reviews

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How Much Does Wood Floor Cleaning Cost?

We offer wood floor cleaning for $125 for 250 square feet (plus sales tax).

This includes:

  • Cleaning and buffing your wood floors using our pads, machines and natural cleaning product
  • Moving small to medium-sized furniture
  • A professional and friendly Cyclone employee
  • A 30-day workmanship guarantee

We offer transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Get a free quote today.

We Have Over 350+ Perfect Reviews

Aimee B

Excellent service. Professional. The team explained clearly what they were going to do and then they executed precisely. The whole process was less painful than imagined (quicker and they cleaned up so well). Very good experience and I would highly recommend.

Hytham B

These guys are great. Carpets were 5 years old and came perfect. We researched and got quotes from about 5 other leading cleaners and these guys were the best priced. To have the owner be in all parts of the service shows genuine care for what they do. Definitely will use them again.

Rick S

I have used CyclonePro for years and have always been impressed - they are thorough, professional, and cost-effective. Thank you CyclonePro!!

Beverly Neumann

They quoted accurately, were on time, did a lovely job on the floor, and did not try to upsell me at every turn!

John T

I have used Frank and his team for years. Great service and great people. Give them a try and you'll be amazed how clean they can make the areas.

Tara W

Work was performed the next day, and my shower looks brand new! Very quick response time, great service, at a fair price!

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Advantages of Professional Wood Floor Cleaning:

1. Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Hardwood Floor

Buffing and cleaning refresh the top layer of your hardwood floor, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through like it did when it was new.

2. Preserve the Character of Your Hardwood Floor

All the scuff marks and stresses that make your floor unique are not affected by our wood floor cleaning services, since we only buff the top layer.

Professional wood floor cleaning provides all of these benefits and more. We know the best ways to clean a hardwood floor and only use professionals with serious experience. Let our experts leave you with a hardwood floor that looks the way it was meant to.

3. Extend the Life of Your Hardwood Floor

The only real alternative to our hardwood buffing services and wood cleaning procedure is sanding, which can be effective but wears down your hardwood floor. This means you will need to replace it sooner.

4. An Unobtrusive Way to Clean Your Hardwood Floor

Our professional hardwood floor cleaning methods and equipment usually allow us to give you a bright and shining wood floor the same day, without leaving a lot of the debris and mess behind that sanding does.

As with our other cleaning services, we endeavor to use environmentally friendly products and equipment whenever possible so you can feel secure in the knowledge that you are cleaning your wood floor with methods that are safer for your family and for the environment.

professional hardwood floor cleaning in Frisco Texas

Engineered Wood Floor Professional Cleaning Services

At Cyclone Professional Cleaners, we can take on cleaning jobs on surfaces other than hardwood floors, such as engineered wood floors. In recent years, this form of flooring has become more popular, and we've kept up with the trend. We know that you want to keep your engineered wood floors in pristine condition. If you're wondering how to shine or clean your engineered hardwood floors, we can help.

We wash engineered wood floors in a similar fashion as regular hardwood floors. We use environmentally friendly products as much as possible so your home or business isn't left with a chemical smell. Our engineered hardwood floor cleaners will clean the surface of the wood without stripping the finish.

Because these floors have a plywood base, they are a bit more pliable and allow for deeper wet cleaning methods. As a result, engineered wood floors are more resistant than their counterparts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can cater towards your engineered wood floors!

Wood floor cleaning in Dallas, TX

Laminate Floor Cleaning Services

Laminate flooring can be an excellent alternative to hardwood floors. If you have laminate flooring installed, we'll tackle the floor cleaning.

At Cyclone Professional Cleaners, we know the ins and outs of how to clean laminate flooring. Our professional laminate floor cleaner is perfect for damp applications. We like to use our cleaners sparingly on laminate floors so they don't become oversaturated, which could lead to bending, cracking and warping.

When we clean your laminate flooring, we do it in a way that keeps it intact. Laminates can be easily damaged, so we clean them carefully to prevent stripping, scratching and peeling of the laminate protective layers. We avoid processes like removing wax or polishing the floor, as these procedures can strip the protective finish. You can enjoy a spotless floor that will remain resistant to stains, water damage and cracks.

Wood floor being cleaned and polished

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, TX, and More

We can help with hardwood floor cleaning and vinyl luxury plank flooring. Using our pads, machines and wood floor product, we will buff your natural or faux wood floors. This process will pull the dirt out of the floor and polish the finished you have. The result will be a clean and shinier wood floor with no residue.

No more struggling to get footprints out. It will make your regular cleanings a breeze again. Using our pads, machines and wood floor product, we will buff your natural real wood, laminate or engineered product floors.

Based in Plano, Texas, we are your best source for professional hardwood floor cleaning in The Colony, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and Dallas, TX. To learn more or to request a quote on our hardwood floor cleaning services for your home or business, please contact us now.

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