Finding the right cleaning company in The Colony, Texas, isn’t always easy. One cleaning company may not be willing to do all the jobs you need them to do. Another may do the jobs but want to spread a lot of toxic chemicals around your home. Still another might do the job, but not well.

The solution to all of these problems is Cyclone Professional Cleaners, now serving The Colony, Texas. We do it all, including:

    • Stone Cleaning: If you have marble, granite or terrazzo in your home, you want it to look like it did when you first installed it. We can help with fading, stains and other problems to renew your natural stone with cleaning, polishing and sealing.

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    • Air Duct Cleaning: If you or your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, you need to clean your air ducts immediately. Even if you don’t, clean air ducts are a must for good indoor air quality.

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    • Window Cleaning: Call us with streaked and dirty windows and we’ll go right to work with gentle and safe cleansers that will have those windows crystal clear in practically no time.

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We also offer all the conventional cleaning services you would expect, like:

    • Carpet Cleaning: Good carpet cleaning is the true test of a professional cleaner, which is why we leave nothing to chance, as you’ll see when we pull up with our truck-mounted steam cleaner.

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    • Grout and Tile Cleaning: Dealing with mold, mildew and discolored grout? Nothing makes a bathroom or kitchen look dirtier or more unsanitary than dirty grout and tile. We’ll have it sparkling again fast and will re-caulk wherever necessary.

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    • Wood Floor Cleaning: A wood floor is a wonderful addition to your home, but only if it stays looking new and natural. We’ll get rid of sticky residue and scuff marks so you have the wood floor you remember again.

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    • Vinyl and Linoleum Cleaning: You chose vinyl or linoleum because it looks good at a good value. Now you can get even more value by letting us come in to clean and restore it so it looks like new.

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    • Enjoy the Holidays More With Our Holiday Cleaning Service: Have a stress-free holiday by letting us do all the cleaning. We’ll come in and thoroughly clean for your holiday party, then come back after the festivities and clean everything up. Nothing could be easier!

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Cyclone Professional Cleaners Are Your Expert Cleaners in The Colony, Texas

For reliable and thorough cleaning services that cover all your cleaning needs and use non-toxic, biodegradable materials and solutions whenever possible, there’s no other choice. For your bathroom, kitchen, floors, whole home or retail establishment, when you need cleaning, the number to call now is 972-390-8700. If you prefer, you can go online to request a free quote today.