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how often do you need to clean your home

Knowing how often to clean your house can vary depending on several factors, such as how much time you spend in it and your daily activities. With current events, many of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before. Between activities like working, cooking and relaxing, people are doing more in their houses, which directly impacts the cleanliness of our spaces.

The more time we spend in our homes often means we need to clean up more frequently. So, how often should you clean your house? We have the answers for you. Check out our house cleaning guide below to help you set up a routine cleaning schedule that will be sure to keep your home in tip-top shape for you and your loved ones.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

The rooms and items you should clean daily depend on how frequently you use them. Generally, a good rule is to clean it every day if food is prepared or eaten on it. Here’s a list of a few items you could add to your daily cleaning checklist:

      • Kitchen areas: It’s essential to stay on top of any items that have had food on them to prevent germs and bacteria that could harm your health. After you cook, wipe down your kitchen counters, stove and sink with disinfectant. Be sure to sweep the floors and clean dirty dishes and pans, too.
      • Dining areas: Once you’re done eating, you can wipe up the area where you ate. This routine will also ensure you wipe up spills and crumbs, which can create stains and attract pests.
      • Bathroom areas: While your entire bathroom doesn’t need a deep clean each day, you should aim to disinfect the toilet handle and seat and sink daily. If you want to go the extra mile to prevent mold, squeegee your shower walls immediately after you take a shower.

Keeping a list of daily cleaning tasks is an excellent way to ensure high-traffic areas are as clean as possible.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Every week, you should pick one or two days to deep clean certain rooms in your house with a checklist. After several days, specific areas will become dirtier, and you can stay on top of them by having a weekly cleaning plan. Here are a few spaces and items we recommend cleaning weekly:

      • Bathrooms: Clean the bathroom regularly to keep bacteria and mold at bay. Try to sanitize the shower or tub, sinks and toilets with bathroom cleaner weekly. Now’s the time to launder bathroom towels and mats, as well. You can also opt to have a professional bathroom cleaning to remove mildew and mold.
      • Kitchen: To keep your kitchen squeaky clean, you should mop the floor, wipe down appliances and clean cabinets and cupboards. Be sure to throw out any expired food, as well.
      • Bedding: Aim to wash your sheets, duvets, blankets and pillowcases every week to keep them clean and fresh.
      • Carpets: Vacuum at least once a week to remove debris and allergens from your carpeted surfaces.

If you don’t want to tackle all of these tasks during the weekend, you may prefer to dedicate one day a week to a certain room. For example, tackle your bathroom on Mondays and vacuum your carpets and rugs on Tuesdays. This trick breaks down deep cleaning into more manageable tasks.

a list of monthly cleaning tasks

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

A few items are essential to clean only about once a month. Here are a few monthly cleaning tasks you should keep in mind:

      • Windows: It’s essential to keep your windows looking pristine so you can let the sun in. Aim to clean your windows and windowsills and dust your blinds and curtains every month. If you have several windows or windows in hard-to-reach spots, consider professional window cleaning.
      • Fridge: Do a monthly clean of your refrigerator and freezer to keep these spaces fresh. Remove food products and sanitize each shelf and compartment so you can remove spills and stains. Consider taking this time to reorganize your refrigerator and freezer, too.
      • Air vents: To keep the air in your home cleaner, you should check the air filters in your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Be sure to replace them when the recommended time comes. It’s also beneficial to get professional air duct cleaning to ensure air ducts are free of allergens and mildew.
      • Garage: If you have a garage, you’ll want to clean up this space to prevent insects and other pests from entering. Now’s a great time to declutter and donate any items you don’t use.

Keep in mind that while general cleaning tips can help, you’re the only one who knows your situation. If you have a cat that loves sitting on your living room’s windowsill, you may need to clean pet hair off your windows once a week. The same idea goes when you use your garage as a work area rather than a place to just store your car. Be sure to keep your personal needs in mind.

Bi-Annual Cleaning Tasks

Here’s a list of cleaning tasks you could complete every three to four months or twice a year: 

      • Baseboards and ceiling fans: These objects are beacons for dust, so it’s essential to ensure you clean these a few times a year. A quick wipe-down with a duster will remove this debris easily.
      • Oven: Cleaning the oven is an excellent task to complete seasonally. Be sure to wipe down the walls, grates and any areas that may have attracted grease.
      • Patio and furniture: If you have an outdoor space, try to sweep and wipe down these areas about twice a year. Spraying everything down with a hose is a simple way to remove dirt and grime from the furniture.

Annual Cleaning Tasks

Every year, you’ll want to tackle areas you probably forget about on a daily basis. Many people like to partake in spring cleaning in the early months of the year, but you can take any time of the year to complete these tasks. Here are a few things you can clean once a year:

      • Closets and pantries: It’s always a great idea to do a check of your closets and pantries. Remove your items so you can deep clean the space. Then, consider donating and recycling things you don’t need anymore.
      • Tile and grout: Tile and grout, especially in your shower, can easily attract mold, so it’s essential to clean these areas thoroughly at least once a year.
      • Upholstered furniture and carpets: If you want to maintain your furniture, you’ll also want to steam clean or shampoo your couches, chairs and other upholstery. Don’t forget about your rugs, either. Now’s a great time to shampoo high-traffic carpets to remove a buildup of dirt and grime.
      • Gutters: After a year of leaves, twigs and other debris collecting in your gutters, it’s time to clean them out to avoid drainage issues.

keep your home clean and tidy with Cyclone Professional Cleaners

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy With Cyclone Professional Cleaners

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