Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Cleaning in Dallas, Plano, & Frisco Texas

While we take great pride in serving Plano, Allen, Frisco and the surrounding areas in Texas as a premier commercial carpet cleaning company, we are also proud to offer professional cleaning services to luxury vinyl and linoleum floors.

In fact, our vinyl floor cleaning services and linoleum floor cleaning services are second to none. Our trained experts know how to clean vinyl and linoleum floors as efficiently and thoroughly as we do carpets and wood, so if you’re in need of commercial floor cleaning services for your vinyl or linoleum, you know who to call.

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How We Clean Vinyl and Linoleum Floors

We begin the Vinyl composite tile (VCT) and linoleum cleaning process by applying the appropriate wax stripper. We let that soak in to start to remove build-up from the surface of your vinyl or linoleum.

Once that step is complete, we then clean the floor thoroughly using buffing machines or through steam cleaning. Once we have stripped and fully cleaned the floor, the stage is set for us to apply new wax. Cyclone Professionals apply three coats of wax, one coat at a time. We then buff the floor using a high-speed machine for a glossy, smooth look to your vinyl tile floor.

We offer specific waxes as needed. Static-free wax is available for computer rooms. Harder waxes are available for areas that tend to get scuff marks and high-traffic wear.

Tips for Maintaining Your Clean Vinyl or Linoleum Floor

To keep your linoleum floor looking great in between our professional floor cleaning and waxing services, there are a number of steps you can take with regard to vinyl and linoleum floor maintenance:

  • Sweeping: Depending upon how often people walk on your linoleum or vinyl floors, it’s a good idea to sweep them with a soft broom anywhere from a couple of times a week to every day.
  • Vacuuming:  You can vacuum a vinyl or linoleum floor to pick up what you missed by sweeping, but be sure your vacuum cleaner is designed for hard flooring or has a hard floor setting. The bristled, rotating bar that vacuums use to clean carpet can damage your vinyl or linoleum floor.
  • Cleansing: Mix an environmentally friendly cleanser with warm water and use it on your floor. Avoid substances like vinegar or ammonia, which can damage linoleum. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Mop the floor with just warm water afterward to get rid of any soap residue that could hurt the shine of your floor. Do not use any tools more abrasive than a mop. If your cleanser and cleaning tools are not getting the dirt and stains out of the linoleum or vinyl, call Cyclone Professional Cleaners right away to resolve the problem.
  • Waxing: Do not wax a vinyl floor. However, you can try waxing linoleum floors on your own. We will give you care instructions on how best to maintain your floor on a regular basis, including when and how you can wax your floors and which wax you should use.

Maintaining your vinyl or linoleum floor in this way should take little effort. You should use only basic tools and not overexert yourself. If you are experiencing problems maintaining your vinyl or linoleum floor, it is probably time for your next professional cleaning and you should call Cyclone Professional Cleaners immediately.

A wide variety of well-established companies have turned to Cyclone Professional Cleaners for their vinyl floor cleaning services and laminate floor cleaning services and we are proud of the reputation we have built among all of them. Click here to see a list of companies who trust us with their cleaning services.

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