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How to Tackle Spring Cleaning

The tradition of spring cleaning helps ensure we get our homes cleaned out top to bottom at least once a year. Cleaning in spring also gets you ready for all the fun of summer. Today we’ll be going over a spring cleaning list that will help you tackle spring cleaning and get your house, business, or property ready for the summer!

When to Start Spring Cleaning

Technically, spring cleaning can happen at any time your home needs a thorough sorting out, but many homeowners aim for early spring. It’s a good time to clean up before summer, when schedules get busier with social activities and more dust and heat can enter the home.

It’s best to start your tasks on a weekend or long weekend, if possible, so that you have plenty of time. Start in the morning, and be sure to give yourself multiple breaks during the day so you don’t overdo it.

Your Spring Cleaning List a man starting his spring cleaning checklist

Use this handy checklist to make sure you get every part of your home clean:

  • Dust first: Dust ceiling corners, light fixtures, crown molding, lamps, ceiling fans, bookcases and lampshades. Wipe down all surfaces, objects, mirrors and wall hangings.
  • Remove scuff marks and obvious stains: Look for marks on baseboards, doors, walls and other surfaces. You may need to touch up the paint in some spots to cover scuffs and imperfections. Look at your upholstery, and address stains by following manufacturer directions for stains.
  • Give surfaces a good clean: Wipe down walls and doors as well as light switches and outlets.
  • Wash soft surfaces: You can throw some curtains and rugs right in your washer. For blinds and heavy curtains, you may want to use a steamer or vacuum. Steamers may work for rugs and upholstery cleaning, but always read care instructions before attempting to clean these items. Some have special directions.
  • Clean your windows: Work from the top down and buff to avoid leaving streaks. Be sure to get the frames, screens, outside surfaces and corners.
  • Polish wooden furniture: Wipe these pieces down to remove any marks, and throw any pillows or cushions into the wash if they can be laundered that way. Be sure to clean under the cushions and under the legs as well as around the base of each piece of furniture.
  • Condition leather: If you have leather furniture, give it a good wipe down and use a leather conditioner to bring back the gleam.
  • Tackle the floors: Use a steam washer or give your hard surface floors a deep scrub manually. For carpets, give them a thorough vacuum, address any stains and schedule a professional shampoo. Be sure to get the edges and corners of each room.
  • Address the air: You can’t see debris in your air, but it can make your home less fresh. You can address it by cleaning your air vents and changing your furnace or air filter. If you have a fireplace, schedule a chimney sweep and clean the fireplace area. This is also a good time to replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector.
  • Take care of the kitchen: In the kitchen, sort and organize your food, dishes and cutlery. Throw out anything that’s no longer usable, and organize the rest. Clean inside and outside your appliances along with all surfaces in the kitchen. In your bedrooms, clean the mattress, under the bed and inside the closets. In each room, be sure to clean the major areas as well as any spaces where debris and clutter can live.
  • Remember the outdoors: Outside, power wash surfaces, touch up the paint, clear debris and clean out the garage and walkways. Replace any lighting, and trim back any branches or plants. Clean your vehicles too, as well as any outdoor furniture.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Before you tackle everything on your spring cleaning list, make sure you:

  • Have all your tools on hand before you start: Ideally, you should have a HEPA vacuum to remove fine debris. You should also gather cloths, paper towels, a steam cleaner, mops, brooms and everything else you might require.
  • Read before you clean: Instructions for various appliances and furniture pieces are available online. It’s important for you to read them to ensure you use the correct cleaning methods to care for your purchases.
  • Think green: Instead of harsh chemicals, consider natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar and water to clean some surfaces, then try a steam cleaner to clean and disinfect without solvents.
  • Work top to bottom: This way, debris and dust will fall to the floor, and you can vacuum it up last.
  • Remove everything from each area: If you want to clean a closet, mantel, fridge, junk drawer or anything else, first remove everything, then wipe down the surface or interior. Then, clean, organize and replace each item back in its spot, tossing out what you no longer need.
  • Clean Regularly: Feel free to follow this check list 4 or 5 times a year so your home doesn’t build up tons of dust and debris. Cleaning in the winter can also be beneficial!

How Can I Make Spring Cleaning Easier?

Spring cleaning a whole home is daunting. You may need to break the task up into several weekends. Another option is to call the professionals. Professional cleaners know how to expertly clean each item, and they have access to professional-grade cleaning tools to ensure a deep clean.

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