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Professional marble, granite and terrazzo cleaning and polishing from a trusted Plano, TX service. Marble, travertine, slate and granite are types of natural stone from the earth.They are unlike man made tile in a few ways. These stones have an outstanding look and appeal but have to be maintained and sealed. Natural stone tile can be softer than man made ceramic tile, so the products used to clean it have to be specifically designed for stone cleaning. We offer many choices for stone care and maintenance.

Types of Stone

At Cyclone Professional Cleaners, we are able to steam clean stone, remove dirt from grout and leave you with clean and natural stone tile no matter what type of stone you have. However, it’s a good idea for you to know a little bit about the type of stone you have — especially if you’re trying to figure out how to clean the stone in your home.

Types of stone that we clean and polish include:

Marble: Cyclone Professional Cleaners are skilled at all kinds of marble polishing and restoration, including marble bathroom polishing and kitchen countertop polishing. Marble is a veined, calcareous stone that is fine-textured and can come in a wide variety of colors. When cleaning marble, it’s important to avoid vinegar or any abrasive or acidic cleaning substances, as this can damage the marble.


Seal granite countertops and backsplashes


Marble bathroom polishing and restoration


Granite: Granite, unlike marble, is a siliceous stone. This means it is mostly silica or quartz rather than calcium carbonate. Granite has a distinctive crystal pattern and little or no veining. If you have granite in your kitchen, it’s important that you seal the granite countertop and backsplash to protect it from spills and stains and maximize the effectiveness of your granite polishing. Although granite is not as susceptible to vinegar and acidic cleaners as marble, these chemicals can break down the sealant over time.

Terrazzo: Terrazzo is a composite material consisting of a binding substance, like concrete, layered with chips of natural stone like marble or granite. Cleaning and polishing procedures for terrazzo will be similar to those you use for marble or granite.

Travertine: Travertine is another calcareous stone like marble. It is frequently used as flooring material. It is a durable and attractive substance that is much softer than granite. Like marble, it is sensitive to vinegar and other acidic substances, so you should approach cleaning and polishing travertine in the same manner as you would marble.

Slate: Slate is a siliceous stone like granite. It tends to be gray, dark red, black or dark green. It has a unique cleft texture and is often used for flooring and roofing. When you clean or polish slate, the surface can become very slippery, so you have to take care when walking on it. If there is dirty wax buildup on top of your slate, you will have to remove it before cleaning, after which you will want to sweep away any leftover dirt or debris. Vacuuming slate is not recommended, as it can damage the surface. You are much better off using brooms or wet mops and natural stone cleaners to clean your slate.

Cyclone professionals steam clean stone with heavy duty truck mounted machines to remove all dirt from the pores and to clean the grout. Dirty grout and crevices can spoil the look of the entire surface. We then polish the stone using stone polishing pads and polishing machines. This will give the floor a smooth, even look. After that the stone is sealed with commercial grade penetrating sealer.

For maintenance, always clean your stone with neutral PH cleaners. The wrong cleaning products can etch the stone, leaving marks or stains.
Our technicians go over care procedures with you to best take care of your stone.

We also offer kitchen and bathroom countertop granite care. We highly recommend sealing your granite to protect it from pitting and stains. Cyclone offers granite polishing and sealing.

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