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Along with our valuable air duct cleaning services, Cyclone Professional Cleaners are here to be your dryer vent cleaning company. We know the best ways to clean a dryer vent to keep your dryer running efficiently and safely. If you’ve been wondering how to clean a dryer vent, your worries are over. Our dryer vent cleaning services go hand and hand with our air duct cleaning services. Together they will improve the air quality of your home into a safe place for everyone to breathe!

We've been unclogging & cleaning dryer vents in Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Mckinney and everywhere in between for almost 20 years!

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How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

Manufacturers of dryers recommend that dryer vents should be cleaned as often as once a year. It improves the safety and efficiency of the drying unit. We have seen a number of dryer machines with burnt-out heating elements from a clogged dryer duct. Sometimes the dryer simply does not dry the clothes. When you go to remove them, they are still wet. The dryer can run for an hour and still not dry the clothes. In worse cases, the highly flammable lint catches fire and the house falls at risk. Excess lint needs to be able to escape through air flow. Otherwise, it builds up and gets more thickly compacted.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning a Dryer Vent?

There are numerous benefits to having your dryer vent cleaned at least once a year. The most important is to drastically reduce your chances of having a dryer fire. When your dryer duct is clogged up, there is no place for the lint that collects in the dryer from your clothes to escape. Add the intense heat that the dryer generates and your entire home could be in flames before you realize what is happening. The longer a dryer vent is, the greater the danger.

If you have a dryer vent that is over ten feet long and it has been a year or more since you have had anybody clean it, you are putting your home and family at a serious fire risk that you should address as soon as possible. Having Cyclone Professional Cleaners come in and clear out that dryer debris means there is very little to catch fire and create a conflagration.

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Even if your dryer does not start a dangerous fire, the inability for the heat to vent will eventually cause your dryer to overheat and break, which is a much costlier situation than a dryer duct cleaning — especially one as affordable as we offer at Cyclone Professional Cleaners.

On top of all of this, a clogged dryer vent forces your dryer to work harder to dry the same amount of clothes, which means drawing more power and skyrocketing your electricity bills. If you’re running a dryer with a clogged dryer vent, you may see dramatic energy savings after having us clean it out. In fact, the service can pay for itself extremely quickly in reduced energy costs.

In general, you can expect your dryer to be much more efficient once we have cleaned the dryer vent. Your clothes will dry faster and have less lint on them and your dryer will last longer, use less power and be less likely to cause a fire hazard.

For the safety of yourself and your family and for the health of your budget, as well as for the sake of simple efficiency, consider at least an annual dryer vent cleaning from Cyclone Professional Cleaners.

Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process:

  • Our employees will carefully detach the dryer from the inside connection.
  • With duct cleaning brush and vacuum, clean the dryer exhaust shoot and run a flexible hose up the wall vent toward the exit.
  • If your dryer vent exit is through the roof, we will climb the roof to inspect the cap.
  • We remove lint from the vent exit direction as well and look for other blockages like birds nests (this happens).
  • Everything will be checked and put back into place outside and inside.

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