Your home’s tiles offer durability and beautiful aesthetics. Over time, contaminants will build up, increasing the likelihood of bacteria or mold. Keeping your bathroom or kitchen backsplash tiles clean is essential to prevent damage and maintain your stunning floors for years.

Many homeowners debate between tackling the project themselves or bringing in professionals. Each option yields different results, so it’s essential to know whether professional grout cleaning is worth it and the benefits of these services.

how do professionals clean grout differently

How Do Professionals Clean Grout Differently?

A professional team will use stronger, less harmful cleaning products and tools to get deeper and seal your grout when necessary. They have the knowledge and tools to clean your tiles and wash your grout to leave it looking brand new.

Here are some benefits of professional tile and grout cleaning services:

1. Extend Your Floor’s Life Span

Professional grout cleaning extends the working life of your floor and other grouted surfaces. Experts know what type of tile and surface they are working with and what they need to do to increase its longevity.

Professional cleaners also extend your floor’s life span by reducing the likelihood of mold and other contaminants growing over time. Trained technicians will advise you on how to protect your surfaces between deep cleaning appointments.

2. Improve Your Home’s Health

You use your bathroom and kitchen and walk over your tiled floors daily. The high traffic through these areas and constant usage means increased exposure to contaminants. Bathrooms have high moisture levels, making them ideal for bacteria, mold and mildew to thrive.

Some pollutants are invisible, meaning even if an area looks spotless, it can still be contaminated with disease-causing organisms. Bacteria, mold and other organic impurities damage your health and deteriorate the grout and tile surfaces.

When you hire professionals, they will remove contaminants with specialized equipment and products and seal the surfaces, improving your home’s health and protecting your surfaces from harm.

3. Save Money and Time

You may believe cleaning your tiles and grout yourself will save money. If you consider the chemicals, equipment and tools you need, costs quickly add up, and no matter how hard you scrub, professional cleaning solutions can penetrate the surfaces more deeply than lower-strength ones. Our professional home cleaners also seal the grout, making it stay cleaner and protected for longer.

Time is your most valuable commodity. Avoid spending your precious time scrubbing tiles on your hands and knees with an old toothbrush. Experts clean more effectively and quickly than any mop, bucket, and home equipment or cleaning product could.

4. Enhance the Look of Your Grout and Tiles

When looking at our before and after pictures, it is clear that professional grout cleaning really does work. With time, grime and spills leave grout discolored. No matter how hard you scrub, you cannot lift the dirt from the porous surfaces.

Professionals will help your grout and tiles look their best. Their specialized equipment and expert techniques remove the sticky residue that locks in dirt. Experienced tile, stone and grout cleaners seal the areas, keeping the surfaces pristine for longer.

5. Protect Your Surfaces From Abrasive Chemicals

Grout and tiles are porous, which is why many people need help getting that good-as-new look. To renew the surfaces, individuals turn to harsh chemicals to lift dirt and grime off floors. Using professionals instead protects your tiles and grout from toxic and abrasive chemicals.

Experts have specialized industrial equipment that deeply penetrates surfaces safely and effectively. The results are incomparable, and you will see that professional grout cleaning is worth it.

Satisfactory vs. Superior Results

You can clean your tiles yourself and achieve satisfactory results. After searching for an effective cleaner and spending hours scrubbing, you might see an improvement. However, your DIY attempts will often result in noticeably dirty tiles. Traditional household cleaners rarely work well and can often damage your tiles, and regular mopping doesn’t get deep enough to tackle contaminants that build up in those hard-to-reach places.

How Much Does Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost in Plano, Texas?

Many cleaning companies prefer that you schedule a consultation to discuss their professional tile and grout cleaning costs. These kinds of services depend on several different factors, from the size of your space to the company’s requirements. Many companies also provide discounts and coupons as promotions to help decrease your price.

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average tile and grout cleaning service costs range from $281 to $652. These prices seem to be lower in the Plano, Texas, area, coming in around $1.25 per square foot but can increase up to $3. For an average-sized job, this will come out to about $75 to $150 to get your grout and tile cleaned by professionals. Some things that could change the cost include:

  • Cleaning package
  • Additional services, such as sealer
  • Square footage
  • Company reputation

Why Hire Cyclone Professional Cleaners in Texas

Tackling the dirt that gets stuck in your tiles and grout can be such a hassle, and you might not get the results you want. Leave the cleaning to our Plano, Texas, professionals, who bring the necessary equipment to get rid of dirty floors. With more than 20 years in the cleaning business, we know what it takes to tackle everyday dirt and turn your tiles back into the sparkling floor you love.

For more information about our grout cleaning services or costs, give us a call at 972-390-8700 or contact us online today!