You know the signs. Maybe your carpet is faded and brown or maybe it just doesn’t work with the room anymore. You need to do something. But is it time to clean or replace?

Carpet replacement can be time-consuming and costly, so if you can avoid it, you probably want to. At the same time, you don’t want to pay for a full carpet cleaning and still not have your carpet look good at the end. So how do you know if it’s time to clean or replace that carpet?

Here are some signs that it is time for a replacement:

The Carpet is Matted & Crushed

If your carpet pile is matted down all over, a cleaning will help with dirt, but the fibers may not stand. When the carpet is matted down, it means you have crushed the fibers and they are not going to bounce back. Note: This mostly refers to polyester carpets. Nylon carpets do have some ability to rebound, so if you have a matted nylon carpet, you may want to give professional cleaning a shot.

The Carpet Has Permanent Stains

Most times, you can get stains out of a carpet with a professional cleaning. But there are some stains that even the most high-powered industrial steam cleaning machines won’t be able to lift once they set in. Bleach stains, for example, are here to stay — as are mustard stains, tea stains and certain others. If you have many stains like this, or just one or two but you absolutely cannot tolerate them, you are going to have to replace.

The Carpet is Old

Some types of carpet have longer warranties than others. With yearly maintenance, carpet can appear younger than it is. However, it also depends on wear from traffic and if you can live with stains that won’t lift. Depending on what type of carpet you have, it may be time to evaluate if you want to replace the carpet or not. A general rule for mid-grade carpet life is ten years.

If your carpet is less than ten years old, has a few of the more traditional stains and isn’t matted down, you have a good candidate for carpet cleaning to extend its life.

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