Cleaning Checklist For Restaurants

The floors of any busy restaurant experience plenty of traffic. Patrons come and go, servers do their job and it’s non-stop movement all day.

How can you maximize the time your staff spends keeping your bistro, coffee shop or fine dining establishment looking clean and attractive? Use this handy 10-point restaurant cleaning checklist as a starting point to make a great first impression on everyone who walks through your doors.

1. Opt for Natural Cleaners Whenever Possible

Many people care about the products used to clean facilities where they dine. Healthier, non-toxic cleaning supplies show guests that you’re considering their needs. There are many reliable green cleaning products on the market.

2. Give Your Grout a Deep Clean

Tile and grout floors are a reflection of a restaurant’s hygiene from a patron’s perspective. In addition to routinely cleaning all the tile flooring in your building, hire a professional to conduct a deep clean occasionally. You’ll extend the life of your floors and keep them looking their best.

3. Wipe Down Tables Frequently

The table is one of the first surfaces that groups notice after being seated. Ensure all the tables in your restaurant are spotless by prioritizing thorough cleaning after each party leaves.

4. Address Spills Immediately

Spills happen in every restaurant. However, you can’t afford to risk a food safety incident or deal with the frustration of a permanent stain. Assign someone to attend to spills in both the back-of-house and front-of-house as quickly as possible to mitigate problems.

5. Soak Up Standing Water

Excessive moisture anywhere in a restaurant can lead to mildew issues down the road. At the end of the night, mop and sponge up any wet areas completely. Look for water and other liquids in locations like self-serve drink machine dispensers and around bathroom fixtures.

6. Tackle Glass Windows and Doors Regularly

Give your glass surfaces a polish at least weekly if not daily. Your front door and windows can become smudged and grimy rapidly. To properly clean your windows, use a cleaner that works without harming the environment.

7. Scrub Those Menus

Menus pick up dirt as they’re passed from person to person. Teach your team members to spray down menus before putting them away. A clean menu sends a message that you have thought of every detail.

8. Launder All Textiles Each Day

Most restaurants rely upon various textiles, like aprons and tablecloths. Laundering these items daily maintains them and wards off long-lasting stains.

9. Vacuum During Lulls

Staff should always have tasks to accomplish, even when there aren’t many guests in need of service. Have your team pull out the vacuum during slow times, such as between lunch and dinner.

carpeting is expensive to replace. Using a thorough hot water extraction method to clean it properly lowers the chance you'll need to get rid of it prematurely.

10. Sanitize Your Carpet Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

If your restaurant includes carpeted areas, bring in experts to get rid of deep-down dirt trapped within the fibers. Carpeting is expensive to replace. Using a thorough hot water extraction method to clean it properly lowers the chance you’ll need to get rid of it prematurely.

Of course, you don’t have to follow this restaurant cleaning checklist solo. Cyclone Professional Cleaners is ready to help your business look as amazing as your dishes taste. Contact us for a quote today!