Professional Tips for Cleaning Gyms

a gym interior after being cleaned

8 Tips for Cleaning Gyms and Fitness Facilities

At your fitness facility, keeping gym equipment, showers, change areas and open spaces clean helps reduce the risk of diseases, injuries and creates a professional, welcoming environment for members. Cyclone Professional Cleaners breaks down how to clean your fitness center effectively.

1. Have a Written Plan

Employees should know when and how they’re supposed to tidy and clean throughout the day. Creating a schedule will ensure workers clean and disinfect all high-traffic areas and surfaces at least twice a day.

2. Offer Towels

Make it easy for members to wipe up machines after use by handing out branded towels. Make rules for members to help them keep the facility clean for others.

3. Wipe Down Surfaces

Fitness equipment gets sweaty fast, so make sure your cleaning plan includes regular disinfection throughout the day. Use a good disinfectant and cloths to get surfaces clean and consider no-touch entrances to eliminate touching as many doorknobs as possible.

4. Partner With Professionals

Cyclone Professional Cleaners works with gyms and can deep-clean tile and grout, laminate, vinyl, rugs or wood floors in all areas of your facility to help you create a professional impression.

5. Train Your Staff

Educate employees on using disinfectant wipes in one direction only and show them how to clean each piece of equipment.

6. Keep Supplies On Hand

Stock up on disinfectant wipes, personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff and all supplies you need to keep your gym clean. Have PPE in several areas, so staff can always easily reach it for cleanups.

7. Reduce Dirt Coming In

Have members remove shoes and change into gym shoes soon after they enter. Consider using mats or rugs near the entrance to eliminate debris getting tracked in. Install air purifying systems to improve air quality and reduce odor.

8. Vacuum Often

Remove debris and spills by using a wet/dry vacuum around machines and over the floors.

Your Partner for Cleaning Your Gym

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