No matter how many times you insist everyone take their shoes off before walking on the carpet, somehow, someone always seems to track stains onto it. If you have kids or pets, forget it — your carpet doesn’t stand a chance. Have you given up on trying to remove dirt from carpet? Have you wondered, “What is the best way to get grass stains out of carpet?”, but to no avail? If you want to know how to get mud out of carpet — or grass stains or dirt — we’ve got you covered.

Tips for Getting Grass, Mud or Soil Out of Your Carpet

The moment you notice grass stains, mud or soil on your carpet, take the following three steps.

1. Remove All Debris

First, get everything you can off of the area. Scrape off any mud that’s stuck on with a credit card or similar edge. Vacuum up any excess soil or grass.

2. Moisten and Blot the Stained Area

Put some water in a spray bottle and thoroughly spray the area. Once the entire area is wet, use a paper towel or white rag/towel to blot up as much of the stain as you possibly can. Repeat for as long as the stain keeps appearing on your transfer rag or towel.

3. Add Detergent Solution

Mix a tablespoon of your favorite dishwashing solution without any potentially damaging additives like bleach or lanolin. Dip a sponge or rag in the solution and use it to work the solution into the stained area of the carpet. Once you’ve saturated the stain, blot the area with paper towels. Continue until you’ve gotten out all the grass or mud, then spray with more water and blot dry to pull up any leftover detergent solution.

Steam Cleaning for Grass, Mud or Soil Stains

While the method described above can be effective for getting out grass, mud or soil stains when you treat the stain quickly, stains that have had time to set or are firmly ground into the carpet can be much harder to remove. In cases where these stains resist your efforts, a professional carpet cleaning service that offers powerful steam cleaning is your best option. Steam cleaning can safely and effectively remove many stains from your carpet that homemade or store-bought cleansers cannot.

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