Enjoy a cleaner workplace for yourself, employees and clients.

When potential customers enter your business, they are making a value judgment by how clean the area is. When they see smooth and spotless floors or wall air vents, your reputation will be protected. For you and employees, having a clean office breeds satisfaction and stops the breeding of illnesses.

  • Commercial carpet cleaning with hot water extraction for better cleaning results.
  • Commercial tile and grout cleaning and sealing to preserve your investment in marble, granite, travertine, porcelain or ceramic floors.
  • Vinyl floor stripping, waxing and buffing. If your maintenance crew does not strip wax from VCT floor, we can perform that service one time or regularly.
  • Wood floor cleaning and buffing will remove the dirt from the creases in the wood grain.
  • Restroom tile deep cleaning and grout sealing. Mopping bathrooms all of the time pushes dirty water into grout over and over again. We will clean with a truck-mounted hot water extraction machine. Customers will appreciate the level of clean we provide.
  • Air duct cleaning for commercial properties. Don't let dust build up in your vents and air conditioning systems.

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a tile floor recently cleaned and waxed at an office

the main lobby of a business after being cleaned and waxed

a before and after image of commercial tile cleaning

No matter what type of business you have, we professionally clean it.

Retirement, Nursing Home and Memory Care Communities

Maintaining a sanitary environment is crucial for nursing homes and retirement homes. Our air duct cleaning services can help ensure residents breathe more freely while our carpet cleaning services can help provide a cleaner environment without many of the harsh chemicals that can interfere with good health.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Our team provides unmatched commercial restaurant cleaning services in the Frisco, Texas, area. A sanitized space can help your business thrive with happy employees and satisfied customers. We’ll handle cleaning so you can focus on the delicious food and excellent service.

Apartment Complex and Condo Cleaning

Better-looking property means faster and more profitable rentals. Our commercial carpet cleaning services will make lived-in apartments look practically new for your next tenants.

Business Office Cleaning

The look of your office reflects on your business. Our commercial floor cleaning services will let potential clients and partners know that you’re serious about what you do.

Dental Office Cleaning

Keep your Texas dental office clean and sanitized with the help of Cyclone Professional Cleaners. We have over 20 years of experience cleaning and sanitizing dentist offices in the North Texas area!

Retail Floor Cleaning

People track debris from their shoes onto your establishment’s floor all day long. You need a reliable, thorough commercial carpet cleaning company like Cyclone Professional Cleaners to make sure it stays looking its best.

Bank and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions require a trustworthy company for commercial cleaning services. We pride ourselves on being an honest, open company that you can communicate with to make sure we get the job done right every time.

Gym and Fitness Facilities

Gym and fitness facilities can get extremely dirty after a long day of multiple clients working out. Let us take care of making your gym feel fresh, clean and new again for your customers.

Medical Office Cleaning

When dealing with health issues, cleanliness and the appearance of cleanliness is a must. Our hospital cleaning services are great ways to give patients who enter your office confidence that they will be getting great care.

Government Facility Cleaning

We understand that government agencies may have strict standards with regard to what is considered clean and what are acceptable tools and materials for cleaning in government facilities. We already hold ourselves to the highest standards, so we are perfect for your agency.

Daycare cleaning

A messy, unclean facility is a sure way for a daycare center to go out of business. We can give yours a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning so that any parent will be proud to leave their children in your capable hands.

School or Educational Building Cleaning

Schools and educational buildings may have a variety of surfaces that need a safer, more thorough cleaning. That’s why we at Cyclone Professional Cleaners offer a range of cleaning services that includes commercial tile and grout cleaning for bathrooms, wood floor cleaning services and commercial air duct cleaning.

Theater Cleaning

Between building sets and messy theater patrons, cleaning a theater can become a big job. It’s one we’re more than happy to take on.

Warehouse Cleaning

The idea of cleaning a warehouse can seem daunting, but virtually no cleaning job is too big for our powerful tools and trucks. A clean warehouse improves health and safety conditions for your workers and can build morale, too.

Church, Worship, or Event Center Cleaning

Ask about our granite and marble cleaning and polishing services to make sure your place of worship or event center really shines.

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