Our journey into carpet cleaning in Plano began when my wife was pregnant with our son. She was nesting and sanitizing every inch of the house with non-toxic cleansers. But, the carpet was not clean enough and there was dust collecting fast on the furniture. So, we hired a carpet and air duct cleaner from an ad that came in the mail.

Kim and Frank Listorti - Owners of Cyclone Professional Cleaners in Plano, Texas

Bait And Switch Inspired An Ethical Cleaner

The coupon offered the two services we needed at a discount.  An unmarked truck came to our home with a portable machine about the size of the one from the grocery store. The workers proceeded to wheel the small equipment around.

When they left, the small machine had leaked dirty water into the carpet. The air duct job was about the same. They only cleaned from one area in the system. The vents weren’t opened and the dust on the grills was still there.

We were baited and switched with the price, too, being told our house didn’t qualify for a coupon. I thought, if this is what is available in the industry, I should look into training and equipment and provide a better service myself.

Cyclone Professional Cleaners Was Born

And so, Cyclone Pro was born, as was my son, and we were business owners. There was a need out there for a quality cleaning company so I answered the call. We offer a complete package of cleaning services you can trust. There won’t be harmful side effects from harsh carpet cleaning chemicals because we use non-toxic carpet and tile cleaners and environmentally friendly products. No residue left behind, either. 

Quality From One Family To Another

Cyclone Pros have integrity, training and cutting-edge equipment. Our employees will arrive on time, in uniform and ready to perform quality cleaning with pressure-free, straightforward pricing. There will not be hidden charges and we listen to what your needs are so that we can come up with a plan to exceed your expectations. We are insured and Member Dallas/Northeast Texas Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Best Pick Reports to name a few.

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