Wood Floor Cleaning and Buffing

Plano hardwood floor cleaning service for all Dallas, Texas areas. If you are finding that it is harder than ever to clean your wood floors because it still feels "sticky" after you have cleaned them, then you are dealing with residue build up. Many wood floor cleaning products offer to shine and protect the floor, but they look good for a short time and then attract dirt. Be especially careful buying polishes that say "glow", you may call us to remove the "glow".

We can help with a hardwood floor cleaning. Using our pads, machines and wood floor product, we will buff your natural or faux wood floors. This process will pull the dirt out of the floor and polish the finished you have. The result will be a clean and shinier wood floor with no residue. No more struggling to get foot prints out. It will make your regular cleanings a breeze again. Using our pads, machines and wood floor product, we will buff your natural real wood, laminate or engineered product floors.

Have more items you want to clean? One stop shopping when you hire Cyclone Professional Cleaners. We can steam clean the sofa or wash the windows. See our menu of reliable services. We value our customers time, so we can do many services in one appointment.



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