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If you're in need of professional marble, granite and terrazzo cleaning and polishing for your home's surfaces, turn to a trusted Plano, TX family-owned cleaning company — Cyclone Professional Cleaners.Stone patio cleaning and sealing in Carrollton, Texas.

Marble, granite, slate and travertine are all-natural stones sourced directly from the earth. Although beautiful, they differ from man-made tile in how they need to be cleaned, maintained and sealed. Natural stone tends to be softer than ceramic tiles and requires specialized products specifically designed for cleaning stone.

At Cyclone Professional Cleaners, we'll provide a variety of choices to ensure your stone's optimal care and maintenance.

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Our Cleaning & Polishing Process

  • Step 1 - Clean: We use natural stone cleaning solutions to cut through tough grease and grime and remove germs and dirt from your countertops. We steam clean your home's stone surfaces with heavy-duty, truck-mounted machines to remove all dirt from the pores and to clean the grout. We never use abrasive substances or chemical cleaners that could damage the stone's surface or put your family's health at risk.
  • Step 2 - Polish: Utilizing specialized polishing machines and stone polishing pads that correspond to your particular stone type, we polish the stone's surface to a desirable shine. This process removes debris and gives the stone a smooth, even look.
  • Step 3 - Seal and buff: Once your stone has been cleaned and polished, we then seal the surface with commercial-grade, penetrating sealer to protect against future staining. While applying sealant is an optional service, we highly recommend sealing your stone surfaces to protect them from pitting and stains.

After the stone cleaning and sealing process is complete, our technicians will go over care procedures with you on how to best take care of your stone. We always recommend cleaning your stone with neutral PH cleaners, as the wrong cleaning products can etch the stone, leaving marks or stains.

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Types of Stone Surfaces We Clean and Polish

At Cyclone Professional Cleaners, we steam clean a variety of different stone surfaces and floors, removing dirt and leaving you with a beautiful, polished space. Our services may vary slightly depending on what type of stone surface you're having cleaned. In case you're not sure what kind of stone you have, here are the characteristics of the most common stone materials we clean and polish to help you figure it out.

Cyclone Professional Cleaners offers skilled polishing and restoration services for all kinds of marble, from marble bathrooms to kitchen countertops. You can recognize marble by its veined, chalky appearance. It has a fine texture and comes in a wide variety of different colors. When you're cleaning your marble surfaces, vinegar and other abrasive or acidic cleaners should be avoided, as they can damage the stone.
Granite differs from marble in that it's a stone consisting mostly of silica or quartz as opposed to calcium carbonate. Granite has a lovely crystalized pattern with little to no veining. When you have a granite countertop or backsplash in your kitchen, be sure to seal them to protect them from the effects of spills or stains. Sealing also helps maximize the effectiveness of your granite polishing. While the granite stone itself is not as susceptible as marble to vinegar and other acidic cleaners, these products can eventually break down the sealant.
Terrazzo is not a naturally occurring stone. Instead, it consists of a binding substance that cements embedded chips of marble, granite and other natural stones to create a brilliant and elegant material. Terrazzo can be sensitive and porous, especially when it's improperly sealed. This setup makes proper cleaning maintenance essential. The wrong cleaners or cleaning methods can leave Terrazzo permanently damaged. The procedure for cleaning this material is similar to that used for marble and granite.
Similar to marble, travertine is a calcareous material quarried from the earth. It's been a building material for centuries, most famously as the main substance used to build the Coliseum in Rome. Travertine is quite attractive, and its usually fibrous appearance is available in many neutral and rusty shades. Because of its durability, it's often cut into tiles used as flooring or wall material. Like with marble, vinegar and other acidic cleaners should not be used to clean travertine. Many of its maintenance requirements are the same as marble.
Like granite, slate is another siliceous stone. It tends to be dark in color and is available in gray, red, black and green hues. The unique cleft texture makes it desirable as a material for flooring and roofing. When cleaned and polished, slate's surface can be quite slippery, so take care when walking on it. Before cleaning your slate surfaces, be sure to remove any dirty wax buildup. You'll also need to sweep away leftover dirt or debris. Avoid vacuuming slate, as doing so can damage its surface. Using brooms, wet mops and special stone cleaners are the best methods of cleaning your slate surfaces.

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Benefits of Sealing Your Stone Countertops, Floors and Other Surfaces

Stone elements make a stunning addition to any home. Before choosing this material as a finishing touch to your kitchen, your bathroom or your home's overall style, you probably weighed the pros and cons of these natural materials. Stone is naturally resilient as a choice for your countertops, backsplash and flooring. However, daily wear and tear can cause permanent damage if these materials are improperly maintained.

To keep your marble, granite and other stone features in pristine condition, you should have their surfaces sealed and polished on a regular basis. Sealing your stone can ensure this high-quality material enjoys a long life. You'll also see a number of other benefits when you have your natural stone surfaces sealed.

Accidental spills are a common enough occurrence in most homes. However, when water or any other liquid is spilled on a natural stone surface, it can lead to unwanted and unattractive staining or water damage. This is especially true for light-colored stone. Sealing marble and other stone materials in your home helps when liquid spills to be able to remove it with a cloth before it absorbs deeper into the stone.
Certain kinds of stone, like marble and onyx, can become easily damaged by the wear and tear of daily use. A fresh seal helps protect stone from etches or scratches caused by knives, cleaners or even food.
When stone is freshly sealed, it's much easier to wipe away a variety of messes off the stone's surface, from fingerprints to food residue. This quality also means you won't have to use as much cleaner to maintain your stone's surfaces.
Easier cleanup means less need for harsh chemical cleaners. These sometimes harmful substances can reduce your home's indoor air quality and even harm the environment.
Sealing reduces the amount of damage your stone surfaces receive and also prevents marble, granite and other types of stone from becoming stained or dull. Sealers can also act as protection to prevent oils, water and other types of liquids from leaving a filmy residue on the stone's surface, which can diminish the quality and beautiful appearance of this material.

How to Know When to Seal Your Marble and Stone

Using stone materials in your home is an excellent way to create visual interest and timeless appeal. Each type of stone is different and has its own unique beauty, appeal and durability. Whether you choose marble, granite or other stone material, they require their own maintenance applications.

Some stone, like marble, is a bit more delicate and temperamental in nature, needing frequent care to prevent damage, maintain its structure and keep its lovely appearance. Others, like granite, are sturdy and resilient.

One aspect of maintenance that you won't want to forget is to have the stone features in your home regularly sealed. If you're not sure how often to have your stone sealed to preserve its lasting quality and look, below is a good rule of thumb to give you a general idea.


Granite needs a seal reapplication every two to three years with normal use, along with polishing to floors, countertops and other surfaces.


You will want to have your marble surfaces resealed more often, at least two to three times a year with normal use.


Slate is another sturdy material, much like granite, so it only needs to be resealed every three years with everyday use.


You should have your travertine features sealed every three to five years to keep them in excellent condition.


Similar to marble, terrazzo tends to be more delicate and requires a bit more care. Have your terrazzo resealed a few times a year with normal use.

While these guidelines are meant to give you a good idea about when to have fresh seal applied to your marble, granite and other stone surfaces, sometimes sealant needs to be applied more frequently. If you have lighter colored stone or you notice the sealant is wearing away, get a new application.

If your stone needs a fresh coat of sealant call Cyclone Professional Cleaners to have your natural stone floors & other surfaces cleaned, polished and sealed.

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