Tips for Cleaning Your Dentist Office

wood floor cleaning in a dentist office

When patients walk into your dental office, they notice every detail, including how clean your practice looks. A sparkling-clean office reflects well on your professionalism, making patients feel good about choosing you for their dental needs. Cleaning creates a pleasant workplace for your dental hygienist team and allows everyone to do their best work.

1. Train Your Team

Dental offices also need to stay compliant with hygiene rules set by the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). OSHA requires the use of approved disinfectants and cleaning methods after any dental procedure involving blood, saliva or any materials which could contain bloodborne pathogens.

 Offices need to clean and dispose of any hazardous biomaterials and chemicals correctly.

2. Hire Professionals

As you focus on taking care of patients, find professional cleaners with experience in dental offices. The team at Cyclone Professional Cleaners can clean carpet, rugs, furniture, tile or vinyl flooring and more to ensure your office is sparkling clean and compliant.

3. Disinfect Surfaces Often

Get into the habit of wiping down desks, doorknobs, faucets, sinks, patient chairs, equipment and other surfaces with disinfectant throughout the day. This will help remove debris and will control dust.

4. Minimize Tracked-In Debris

A rainy day is all it takes to track mud, gravel and dirt into your clean office. Place heavy mats or rugs at your office’s entrance so that patients can wipe their feet. Create a separate space for umbrellas and coats and consider offering slippers so that patients can leave muddy boots or shoes at the entrance.

Your Partner for a Clean Dental Office

If you have a dental office, Cyclone Professional Cleaners is your partner in keeping your space clean and compliant. We are based in Plano, Texas, and serve the surrounding Dallas area with carpet, rug and floor cleaning, helping you combat pathogens and dust. Our bathroom cleaning and restoration services keep your bathroom sanitary and our window cleaning services for offices keep glass surfaces sparkling for a professional look.

Cyclone Professional Cleaners is a family-owned business using powerful and green pre-treatments to separate the bond between grime and your surfaces. Our high heat deep steam extraction tools use 325 horsepower V8 truck-mounted engines to tackle pathogens and dirt. Contact Cyclone Professional Cleaners today for a quote.