Holiday Cleaning Tips

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you’re entertaining guests for a family holiday dinner or a holiday party, you need your home to be its cleanest. Cleaning a home for the holidays can be stressful, but you can make it easier on yourself with the right approach.

Here are some tips for cleaning for the holidays you might find useful.

Tips for Cleaning Before Thanksgiving

Three rooms are priorities when cleaning for Thanksgiving: make sure the dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom are clean. These are the three rooms your guests are most likely to find themselves in, so you want to make sure they’re sparkling clean. A dirty bathroom, in particular, is something you don’t want to subject your guests to, so be sure to tackle this first by scrubbing the toilet, tub and sink, wiping down the mirror, and making sure there are fresh hand towels and toilet paper.

Then you want to tackle the kitchen. Wipe down the counters, sweep the floor, empty the sink and make sure the dishes are clean.

Follow this up by vacuuming, dusting and straightening up everywhere. When the arrival of guests is imminent, make sure they have a place to put their coats and bags somewhere out of the way.

Tips for Cleaning Before Christmas

Your approach to cleaning before Christmas should be similar to your Thanksgiving plan, but you might add giving some more attention to your living room, since guests may spend more time there during a Christmas party than they would on Thanksgiving. Also, be sure to vacuum or pick up any remnants of Christmas preparation like Christmas tree detritus, wrapping paper and the like.

Professional Holiday Cleaning

It’s probably worth it to give your home a thorough professional cleaning before your big holiday event and, if you want to make your life easier, afterward as well. A good professional cleaner can take care of your windows, carpets, countertops and the rest — and may find things that you have missed. You can focus on getting ready for the party and your guests can enjoy a sparkling clean venue.

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