The Benefits of Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned


Carpet as a flooring choice is very popular for its warmth, style and sound-proofing qualities. Many people choose to put it in their bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and on staircases to prevent slipping and injury.

That can add up to a lot of square footage of carpet in a home.

Health Benefits

Carpet acts like a filter for everything that goes on. Allergens like dust mites in the air land on the carpet and attach to the fibers. Unlike on wood floors, when carpet is walked on, the dust gets further pushed down and not kicked back up into the air. The carpet essentially traps dust mites, skin cells, pet hair, dirt and more, leaving less in the air to irritate the lungs. As with any filter, it needs to be cleaned or it will break down. Regular weekly and monthly vacuuming is the first way to rid the carpet of pollutants. And the second is to do a professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year. In order to detach soil from carpet fiber and sanitize, there needs to be a cleaning solution application, followed by hot water extraction. Viruses and oil cannot survive a cleanser and heat treatment. Once that has been done, only clean carpet fiber is left and it will take time and use for dirt to build up again.

Value of Carpet Cleaning

Maintained carpet can be used for many years. It will stand up to footsteps, paws, plants and furniture. Compared to hard floor surfaces, very few chemicals are purchased to keep the carpet clean. The cost to run the vacuum and the professional cleaning service once a year may be only two expenses there are. These two items will extend the life of the carpet. Hard dirt left there to be stepped on over and over will act like sandpaper to carpet fiber. It will break down the carpet and change its function and appearance. Simple carpet care extends the carpet’s useful life.

Personal Comfort

Seeing a clean carpet in living areas provides a sense of well-being. If you’d like a professional carpet cleaning service for your home in Plano or Dallas Texas, contact us today for a family-owned and operated carpet cleaning!