Dryer Vent Cleaning just $49.99 with an Air Duct Cleaning Service

Our Plano dryer vent cleaning company has been unclogging ducts since 2001. Manufacturers of dryers recommend that dryer vents should be cleaned as often as once a year. It improves the safety and efficiency of the drying unit. We have seen a number of dryer machines with burnt out heating elements from a clogged dryer duct. Sometimes the dryer simply does not dry the clothes. When you go to remove them, they are still wet. The dryer can run for an hour and still not dry the clothes. In worse cases, the highly flammable lint catches fire and the house falls at risk. Excess lint needs to be able to escape through air flow. Otherwise, it builds up and gets more thickly compacted.



Dryer Vent Cleaning Process:

  • Our employees will carefully detach the dryer from the inside connection.
  • With duct cleaning brush and vacuum, clean the dryer exhaust shoot and run flexible hose up the wall vent toward the exit.
  • If your dryer vent exit is through the roof, we will climb the roof to inspect the cap.
  • We remove lint from the vent exit direction as well and look for other blockages like birds nests (this happens).
  • Everything will be checked and put back into place outside and inside.

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